6 VISA-FREE Countries For Canada Visa Holders You Must Go!

No matter what nationality you are, aren’t you tired of getting a visa every time? Being an international student in Canada has one big benefit is that you can travel to many countries just with a Canadian visa. We’ve listed the most beautiful VISA-FREE countries For Canada Visa holders.



Being in North America, Mexico is one of the most popular VISA-FREE countries For Canada Visa holders! Mexico is granting 180 days’ stay for Canada Visa holders for all nationalities. All valid multiple entry Canada visas can visit Mexico!

We recommend:

tulum mexico

Cancun- Cancun has one of the most beautiful beaches in the world! And adventures at Xplore are just fun and thrilling at the same time.

Tulum-Cenotes and Maya sites in Tulum are a must-go, so as are beaches and rainforests in Tulum.




Everyone loves Panama! Panama is a country in Central America and is known for its beautiful beaches and a human-engineered Panama canal. Panama is granting all valid multiple-entry Canada visa holders 90 days stay for all nationalities. And entry requirement is simple, a Canada visa must be used at least once before arriving, and must be valid for at least 6 months.


Bermuda(British Territory)


You must’ve heard the pink sand beaches and they are from Bermuda! The breathtaking views are a hidden treasure, and we can go just with Canada visa. Bermuda is granting all valid multiple-entry Canada visas a 30 days stay for all nationalities, and the visa has to be valid for at least 45 days before departure.




Maybe you’ve never heard of Aruba, you must’ve seen pictures of flamingo and you can see real flamingos here and is so Instagram-worthy! Aruba is an island of the Kingdom of Netherlands but it’s located in South America. Canada visa visiting Aruba is only eligible for Bolivia, China, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Haiti, India, Jamaica, and Peru nationalities. And Aruba is granting a 30 day stay for above nationality citizens holding Canada Visa.


Costa Rica

Costa Rica

Do you enjoy tropical forests and wildlife? Costa Rica is your choice, Rio Celeste waterfall, Parque Nacional Corcovado and deep diving in Isla de Coco are just the most memorable experiences. Costa Rica is granting 30 days of stay for all valid multiple-entry Canada Visa holders for all nationalities but student/work visa must be valid for at least 6 months to enter.




Tired of all the screen time and social media, just want to relax? Cuba is a mysterious country mixed with beautiful views and a vintage lifestyle, Cuba’s cities remain the same since the last century, and Cuba has a lot of beautiful beaches as well. Cuba is granting valid Canada visitor, study/work visa holders a 30 day stay for all nationalities. However, Cuba does require a tourist card and it can be obtained from the airline. AirCanada is having a promotion as well, Visit: Air Canada

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