Business Communication

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Business Communication

Business Communication course is a blend of business and general English, with a strong communicative focus. It is specifically designed to get learners talking and lay a solid foundation of English. This course covers various global lifestyle topics, such as heritage, processes, and time management.  There are several strands such as grammar and functional language, that help students to lay a solid foundation. The ‘Work skills’ strand provides useful input and helps learners develop the skills they need to excel in the workplace. The vocabulary strand contains relevant business terms, helping learners develop a broad range of vocabulary for use in social and professional contexts. It includes language such as prefixes, suffixes, collocations and opposites, in addition to helpful notes on pronunciation.  

Upon completion of the course, students will have built a solid foundation enabling to be more successful in the Canadian workplace.  The communication skills gained during the course will enable working professionals to be more comfortable and confident when interacting with clients and co-workers.

Total Training Hours

– 80 Hours

Total Training Duration

– 14 weeks 

Tuition Fee

– $85/hr per student

General Marking Scheme

All courses have in-class exercises weights 25%, assignments weighs 50%, and one final project weigh 25% toward the final grade.

Instructors have the discretion to make changes to the marking scheme deemed necessary. For details, please refer to individual class syllabus.

94 - 100%
75 - 79%
90 - 93%
70 - 74%
86 - 89%
60 - 69%
83 - 85%
0 - 59%
80 - 82%