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Create Career College’s programs help businesses expand that provide employees with innovative ways to keep motivation, improve productivity as well as growing professional software skills.

The programs in Create Career College can help individual employees who need a professional software training , so our students can enjoy greater job fulfillment and perform more effectively.

Adobe Photoshop

Training Hours: 30 Hours                          Training Duration: 5 weeks 

Instructors/ Trainers: TBA

Course Description

This course teaches you to use this industry-leading image editing application as a creative professional. The whole course content, including examples, techniques, exercises and quizzes have been carefully selected and refined to offer the most efficient and enjoyable way to master Adobe Photoshop.

This course has been purposely designed for users of all experiences, from complete beginners to existing Photoshop users, who want to take their skills to the next level. Being able to confidently work in Photoshop is an essential skill for any Photographer or Graphic Designer, but it is an equally useful tool for Retouchers, UI/UX designers, Web Developers, Digital Artists and various other areas within and outside of the creative industry.

Description of Modules

Chapter 1 – How to use Photoshop’s tools, menus and pallets

Chapter 2 – Optimize image color and contrast with Curves and HSL

Chapter 3 – Use Photoshop’s masks and adjustment layers

Chapter 4 – How to use Batch processing and automating functions

Chapter 5 – Crop, resize and straighten images with the crop tool

Chapter 6 – How to convert to black and white

Chapter 7 – Retouch blemishes using the clone and healing brushes

Chapter 8 – Use the Adobe Bridge to select and organize your images

Chapter 9 – Create panoramic images using Adobe’s Photomerge

Chapter 10 – Create dynamic tonal range images with “Merge to HDR”

Chapter 11 – Work with RAW image files, including efficient Workflow techniques

Chapter 12 – Understand how color management works with your monitor and printer

*There will be lots of time to discuss your questions

Digital Marketing

Training Hours: 30 Hours                          Training Duration: 5 weeks 

Instructors/ Trainers: TBA

Course Description

This course provides the student with e-Marketing techniques and strategies that can help any forward-thinking organization be competitive in today’s business environment. Key areas that promise to leverage the power of Internet are: customer relationship management (CRM); 1:1 marketing; permission-based e-mail marketing; viral marketing; attributes of a good Website and Website marketing goals; Website promotion/search engine positioning/ranking, and key Internet technologies/terminologies/acronyms.

Description of Modules

Chapter 1 – Introduction to E-Marketing

Chapter 2 – Strategic E-Marketing and Performance Metrics

Chapter 3 – The E-Marketing Plan

Chapter 4 – Global E-Marketing

Chapter 5 – Ethical and Legal Issues

Chapter 6 – E-Marketing Research

Chapter 7 – Consumer Behavior Online

Chapter 8 – Segmentation, Targeting, Differentiation, and Positioning Strategies

Chapter 9 – Product: The Online Offer

Chapter 10 – Price: The Online Value

Chapter 11 – The Internet for Distribution

Chapter 12 – E-Marketing Communication

Chapter 13 – Customer Relationship Management on e-business

eFileCabinet | Document Management Software for Small Business

Training Hours: 20 Hours                          Training Duration: 4 weeks 

Instructors/ Trainers: TBA

Course Description

eFileCabinet is a document management solution (DMS) that is suitable for companies of all sizes and in a wide range of industries such as accounting and financial services, manufacturing and healthcare. The solution can be hosted on premise or in the cloud, depending on the user’s needs.

eFileCabinet enables users to manage digital data through automated organization, approvals and sharing all from one dashboard. It offers optical character recognition (OCR) which automatically names files, builds a dynamic directory for them and sends them where they need to go.

eFileCabinet offers integration with Salesforce, which gives users the ability to drag and drop and manage files from either system. The system is accessible using mobile apps that can be used from a smartphone or tablet. With this feature, users can take pictures of documents to upload them directly to the app.

Description of Modules

Chapter 1 – Getting Started

Chapter 2 – In Browser vs. Out of Browser

Chapter 3 – Basic and Advanced Searching

Chapter 4 – Managing Users

Chapter 5 – Managing Profiles

Chapter 6 – Creating Drawers and Chapter 7 – Applying Templates

Chapter 8 – Creating Cabinets

Chapter 9 – Storing Methods for eFileCabinet

Chapter 10 – Scanning

Chapter 11 – Checking Files Out and In

Chapter 12 – Emailing Files

Chapter 13 – CSV Importing

Chapter 14 – Integrating SecureDrawer

Total Training Hours

– 80 Hours

Total Training Duration

– 14 weeks 

Training Frequency

– 3 hours at one time; twice a week; schedule with trainers

Delivery Method

– On-campus Training

– On-site Training (Send trainers to participants’ workplace)

Class Capacity

– On-campus Training: Maximum 15 students per class

– On-site Training: Maximum 10 students

Tuition Fee

– $7,200.00 in total for 80 hours training

General Marking Scheme

All courses have in-class exercises weights 25%, assignments weighs 50%, and one final project weigh 25% toward the final grade.

Instructors have the discretion to make changes to the marking scheme deemed necessary. For details, please refer to individual class syllabus.

94 - 100%
75 - 79%
90 - 93%
70 - 74%
86 - 89%
60 - 69%
83 - 85%
0 - 59%
80 - 82%

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