Course Description



The English for Academic Purposes Program is a preparatory program that develops core English Language skills, for those who wish to pursue higher education or undergraduate studies.
The CCC EAP program is divided into 3 levels. Levels 5 and 6, run for 8 weeks each. The most advanced level 7, runs for 12 weeks. Students will enter into the appropriate level, based on their entrance test results. Students will be regularly tested to make sure they are able to progress to the next level in the program.

Upon completion of the highest level, level 7, students will be able to continue their studies in higher education, by enrolling into Lakeland College, our newest education partner.

_Program Duration

Level 5 – 8 weeks
Level 6 – 8 weeks
Level 7 – 12 weeks
The overall duration may vary based on each student’s level at the start, and their progress.

_English Admission Requirement

  • The entry requirements vary based on the Level.
  • The minimum level required to enter Level 5 is IELTS 4.0
  • The minimum level required to enter Level 6 is IELTS 5.0
  • The minimum level required to enter Level 7 is IELTS 6.0

_Academic Admission Requirement


_Start Dates



_Class Schedule

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
CLASS 9AM to 1PM 9AM to 1PM 9AM to 1PM 9AM to 1PM 9AM to 1PM
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