Create Career College can assist you in locating suitable homestay accommodation, during your studies in Vancouver.  We have a number of different options available, including different locations, room configurations, and meal plans. 

Our homestay services will provide you with a safe option, as we personally meet with the homestay families.  Please contact us to discuss homestay options with Create Career College.  Please see below for some of our current availability.

$198.00 (Weekly)

$210.00 (Weekly)

$230.00 (WEEKLY)​

$230.00 (WEEKLY)​

$180.00 (WEEKLY)​

$250.00 (WEEKLY)​

$280.00 (WEEKLY)​

$290.00 (WEEKLY)​

$310.00 (WEEKLY)​

$280.00 (WEEKLY)​​

$390.00 (WEEKLY)​​

$195.00 (WEEKLY)​​