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Program Description

Create Career College offers hospitality management in collaboration with the “American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute (AHLEI)” which is widely recognized as the preeminent leader in hospitality certification. The curriculum and training methodologyof this programenables students to master the fundamental management and operational skills needed in the hospitality industry. Learners are introduced to best practices applied in management roles while being introduced to the some facets of the current global activities affecting the industry.

Upon successful completion of the Hospitality Management Certificate program in Create Career College, students will be able to: act in an ethical manner and practice within the legal framework of the industry; communicate effectively as hospitality professionals; provide responsible and professional food and beverage services; apply the theoretical principles and practices of guest and customer services in a hospitality setting.

Program Duration

Program Length – 32 Weeks 

Include Co-op Length – 16 Weeks 

Admission Requirements

– High School Graduate (or Equivalent)

– Mature Student or 19 Years of Age or Over on the First Day of Class

– Provide Evidence of Approved English Test or Pass Create Career College’s English Assessment 

Starting Dates

– Monthly

Certificate Received

– Hospitality Management Certificate from Create Career College

– Certificate of each course from the American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institution (AHIEI)

Course Breakdown

The purpose of this course is to provide you with an introduction to the world of business and particularly to business as it applies to the hospitality industry. More specifically, the course will provide an opportunity for you to: become acquainted with the social, economic and environmental context within which the hospitality industry operates; understand the structure. Nature and operating characteristics of the different sectors of the hospitality industry; obtain an appreciation of the various functions of management and their interrelationships with other key concerns of managers such as marketing, finance and human resource management.

This course presents a systematic approach to front office procedures by detailing the flow of business through a hotel, from the reservations process to check-out the account settlement. The course also examines the various elements of effective front office management, paying particular attention to the planning and evaluation of front office operations and to human resources management. Front office procedures and management are placed within the context of the overall operation of a hotel.

Housekeeping is critical to the success of today’s hospitality operations. An Educational Institute survey of nearly 4,500 properties identifies housekeeping as one of the top three departments that could be most improved by training. In this course you will learn what it takes to direct the day-to-day operations of this vital department, from an overall management down to technical details.

This course shows students how food service professionals create and deliver guest-driven services; enhance value and build guest loyalty; and continuously improve the process of providing excellent service. You will learn how every aspect of a food service operation contributes to the guest experience, and explore unique features of a variety of food and beverage operations. The course includes updated menu trends, bioterrorism, responsible alcohol service, and material on leadership, service skills, and service styles.

Co-op Placement – 320 Hours 

Career Opportunities

  • Event Planner
  • Back Office Assistant
  • Front Desk Clerk
  • Restaurant Supply Buyer
  • Bartenders
  • Host/Hostess
  • Concierge

Potential Earning

The average Hospitality salary in Canada is $52,000 per year or $26.67 per hour. Entry level positions start at $24,203 per year while most experienced workers make up to $88,400 per year. (Data from Neuvoo)