International Students Arriving Into Canada

The following protocols have been designed to allow for a safe entry into Canada, and travel to the place of quarantine, for newly arriving international students. Create Career College will work with the Canadian government to welcome international students in a way that reduces transmission of COVID-19.


  • All students arriving into Canada must adhere to the quarantine requirements set forth by the Canada government.
  • Students must have a good understanding of the requirements of the Quarantine Act.  Please click here for further details on the Act itself.
  • All students must use the ArriveCAN app to provide personal information.  The app will make it easier to provide your information to the Canada government, and will reduce wait times when you arrive at ports of entry.
  • Prior to arriving into Canada, all students must have a plan for quarantine, and this must be reviewed and accepted by the college in advance.  The information required includes the planned dates of arrival, quarantine location, and transportation methods.  
  • All students must fill in this Quarantine Plan form available on our site.  This form will help you to submit the necessary information to us, so that we can determine if further assistance is required for your pre-arrival.  Once this form is submitted to us, we will notify you if further information is required.  Please click here to download the PDF form.
  • If a quarantine location has not been selected, the college will provide options. Many hotels are now providing extra services to accommodate government quarantine requirements, such as isolation, cleaning, and even grocery deliveries. These hotels are also able to provide transportation from the airport. Hotels realize the need and are ready to take in guests for quarantine purposes. There are 2 hotels within walking distance of the college in Burnaby, the Hilton, and the Holiday Inn which are convenient options. Please see below for the links to these hotels.
  • Other hotels closer to the Vancouver airport are also available, and have 14-day quarantine packages available.  These include the Carmana Plaza, and the Executive Hotel among others.  Please see below for the links to these hotels.


  • Students must go straight to their quarantine place from airport.  
  • The College will provide private transportation, and pick the student up from the Airport, and take them to the quarantine location.  
  • Public transportation must be avoided.
  • Alternatively, taxi service is available directly from the arrival area at Vancouver airport to the quarantine location.  
  • If booking a quarantine package at a hotel, transportation can be provided by them as well.  However, this must be confirmed directly with the hotel, when hotel accommodation is booked, as it may be subject to availability on the date of arrival.  
  • Students must wear masks, and avoid public transit, whenever travel is required, even post quarantine.  This will help to minimize physical contact with others.  

Post-Arrival Quarantine 

  • Students must self-monitor for any symptoms throughout their quarantine period and after. For specific guidelines regarding self-isolation, please see here –
  • During the initial quarantine period, students must not be in contact with any individuals at any time or be living in a group or communal setting.  Strict isolation is to be carried out by the student.  This is applicable even when staying in a hotel, and especially if you are going to be in a homestay environment.  Post quarantine, you must still follow all government guidelines to minimize any potential physical contact, wherever possible.  If any assistance is required, the college staff will be available to help.
  • Do’s and Don’ts of Self-isolation –
  • Students will be communicated with and monitored on a daily basis during the quarantine period. The main point of communication will be the Director Sophie Miao, and then the Assistant Director Vinny Pannu, if needed. The college management team will be in contact with the quarantine location, such as hotel managers, or homestay managers, to keep track of quarantine monitoring.  
  • Students will provide the contact information, in case further information is required or needs to be given. The college is always available via email and phone for any communication needs. All necessary contact information for the staff and college is listed in the following section.
  • During the quarantine period, the college will provide online access to classes where possible to help with integration into the college.  Currently, online access can be gained via the Google Meet app.  
  • Students will receive the appropriate information regarding Covid-19, related stigma, and anti-racism support.  College staff will be available as well as online resources will be made available to all students.  Please see here for some valuable information from HealthLinkBC regarding stigma


  • When the quarantine period has been completed, students can return to college following an initial meeting with the College Director and/or Assistant Director.  This will include an orientation into the college environment as well as a review of the quarantine period itself.  Any concerns that have not been addressed should be addressed prior to the start of classes on campus.  
  • If classes are still conducted virtually, the student can join from their residence full-time.  If classes are held in-person, the student will be able to join on campus, depending on the current pandemic situation.  This will be determined by the College Director, in accordance with guidance provided from the Public Health Authority.
  • At the time of this current Safety Plan, classes are being held 100% online.


For more information on self-isolation and the ArriveCan app, please see the following:

Self-Quarantine on Return to BC –

BCCDC guidelines for self-quarantine –

Self-Isolation –

Do’s and Don’ts of Self-isolation –

Hotel room bookings –


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