4 Tips for LinkedIn Profile

Are there tips for LinkedIn profiles? We are here to answer!

LinkedIn is an employment-oriented online platform that was launched in 2003 (LinkedIn, 2021). The main purpose of this platform is to build professional networks that allow job seekers to connect with professionals in the field that they wish to enter. In addition, employers can also post available job positions on LinkedIn. Users need to have an account to use the platform, the basic account is free and it has all the necessary functions. There are premium account options with a variety of monthly charges based on the type of account you chose. Detailed LinkedIn premium account pricing is available here. LinkedIn learning also provides a variety of tips for LinkedIn profile editing, networking, office skills, etc. Find on LinkedIn Learning.

Personally speaking, if you are a new graduate and seeking employment, the basic free account is sufficient to help you get noticed and establish professional connections. Of course, you need first to properly set up your account and profile. 

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Tips for LinkedIn profile setup

1: Choose the right profile picture

We, humans, are visual beings, therefore, first impressions are important. Make sure your profile picture is recent and your face makes up around 60% of the photo. Try to avoid full-body photos, because it’s difficult for viewers to see. Finally, make sure you have a confident smile. 

2: Customize your headline

This might be the most important part of your profile that can help you get discovered in the Linkedin community. There are no specific guidelines like the previous profile picture. However, try to avoid using terms such as “looking for a job” “seeking a job in the field of XXXX” etc. Because when recruiters browse for potential candidates, they will use specific keywords. Therefore, for example, if you are an MBA graduate, simply put your credential on your headline along with your skills and desired job title. Because most recruiters will use keywords associated with the job position or desired skills to search for potential candidates on LinkedIn. 

3: Make sure you have a LinkedIn summary 

The summary section is the best way to let others know you. Personally, I do not recommend listing their skills and work experiences. Because you will have the option to list your skills and past work experiences in a different section. The summary section is where you can tell your story, elaborate on why your past experiences and your skills matter. 

4: Spend about 10 minutes a day on LinkedIn to connect with other

From my personal experience, as my network grew, I received more exposure and suggested connections. The best method to expand your network is first to link your email address book to your LinkedIn account. Connect with people you already know, and you will discover their connections in the process. In addition, reaching out to your suggested connections is highly recommended. Send them a message and start networking, you don’t know what opportunity might come up. 


It’s challenging for new graduates to find a job, especially when there are no networking events to attend due to the pandemic. However, LinkedIn serves as a great alternative for job seekers to discover new opportunities from all over the world. 

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