Packing Checklist | What to pack for study abroad in Canada

Is this your first time coming to Canada as an international student? Don’t know what to pack but your luggage case has already exceeded 23 kg? Don’t worry, by reading this blog you will know how to pack the most valuable and usable luggage to Canada. 

*We have included a list of suggested luggage in the area of non-prescription drugs, clothes, and. You will need about 8 minutes to read the blog.

* If you are planning to postpone your study in Canada due to the COVID-19 pandemic, be sure to save this blog for later.

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Non-prescription drugs

If you have been used to applying your home country’s medicine, you might want to bring some essential ones (such as anti-allergy pill, eyedrops, diarrhea prevention pill) with you. “ There was a time when I was too stressed studying for the final exam and I got stye (the eyelid is red and swollen). If I chose to go to the clinic, it might take a day or two to see a doctor by the appointment, by that time my eyelid might get worse. Luckily I brought the eyedrops from my own country and I got rid of the stye within two days. Therefore, I strongly recommend fellow students to bring some essential non-prescription drugs on your way to Canada. However, be aware of the herbs, as these might not be allowed’’.


Wendy, a graduate from Create Career College

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If you are coming to Canada as a university student, you will need to have a personal laptop because most of the professors will upload course files on the cloud platform. 

“When I was in the 3rd year of university, my professor was an environmentalist, he did not use a single piece of paper during the whole semester. All the course information, including exams and assignments, were delivered online.”Nate, Marketing student from Simon Fraser University.

However, if you don’t have a laptop, you can come to Canada to buy one here. 

  • Apple also has back-to-school offers for university students. If you are buying a laptop and indicating that you are a university student, Apple might give you an AirPods or headset for free.


* It is optional to bring a USB or a external storage, because Canadian students prefer to share documents on Google Drive rather than on USB. ]

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For students who are used to using the North American skin care brands, there is no need to pack or buy those from your home country. However, if you are a big fan of Asian cosmetics and would use facial masks on a regular basis, you might want to bring those from your home country. (There are asian supermarkets in Canada, however, the price is higher)

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In comparison to the Asian countries, it is relatively expensive to buy a pair of glasses in Canada. Even if you have student insurance, the reimbursement amount may not be enough to cover the whole expense.  

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Canada is a heater friendly country, during the night, the heater will be on, so you don’t have to pack a heavy quilt in your luggage. Also, almost every Canadian household has a cloth dryer. Therefore, you only need to bring one set of bedding to Canada and there is no need to worry about the wet bedding.]

The picture is cited from the internet.
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