Studying English in Vancouver!

Studying and vacations usually don’t go in the same sentence. These two can get along perfectly though, especially if you decide to take a short-stay ESL program and improve your English. One week? Two weeks? A month? No matter what’s your time frame – Vancouver has options that will fit your schedule and career. If you are wondering whether an ESL course is a good idea for you, and if you are considering taking it in Vancouver, this list might be helpful. 

  • Focus on your Resume

Without proper knowledge of English and an accompanying certificate, your resume may seem a bit empty to a potential employer. Even if your resume is rich in information about technical skills that you may have, language skills always take a special spot in resumes, especially when it comes to English. Attending an ESL program will enable to improve that part of your resume very quickly. And if that language experience takes place in an English-native country such as Canada – known for its excellent educational system you will stand out from everybody else.

  • Want a Career Boost?

Your resume should take you to your desired working position, to a well-paying job that you will love to do. Nowadays, virtually all positions require you to be proficient in English, especially if you have aspirations to get promoted one day and experience professional prosperity. Travelling abroad in business trips? Dealing with international clients? Expanding your keywords and digital search abilities? Being recognized as someone who masters the universal language is something that may help you achieve your long-term dreams. Whether you are pursuing a job or you are already employed, English gives you an additional dose of confidence that your career will develop in the directions you desire. 

  • Save your Time – Grow Faster

If there is one thing most people associate ESL with, it is time efficiency. ESL courses are designed to respect your time capacities and fit busy schedules. Yes, you can complete it in a single month during your vacation! Taking regular English courses and getting adequate certificates can last for months, even years, which can drain your energy and challenge your daily routine. For those who are having difficulties organizing their calendars, there is no better solution than ESL. 

  • Save Money, Not Efficiency

Saving money matters as much as saving time, and participating in a short ESL program means that you will not be persuaded to give up a fortune while spending months and years learning English. The budget you are saving for your vacation can be spent on creating great memories while traveling but it can also be spent as a smart investment in your own capacities. The things that you can learn on an ESL program can last much more than vacation memories – they can stay in your memory forever!

  • Keep Focused

Deciding to learn English is easy. Even starting to study English can be easy. What comes as a difficult task is keeping continuity in studying it, even when you commit to a long-term course. It is quite simply – our daily lives can be very dynamic and the courses we take are not always our priority. This is why taking a one-month course is efficient; the chances are that you will stay committed to studying because it is your short-term goal, one that is realistic and easily reachable. 

  • Travel and Study can be Fun

While studying is not really a definition of fun for everyone, it can at least be less stressful and free of pressure. ESL programs are designed to comfort those who dislike the typical academic atmosphere and prefer more relaxed ways of adopting new knowledge. It can really feel like a vacation while you are gaining valuable skills at the same time. 

The Vancouver Public Library can be a good place to relax after an ESL class – there you will find over 9 million items to read and watch

  • Do Something Important on your Vacation

Vacations are typically about self-care, relaxation and enjoying. Studying is also a form of self-care, as you are showing your determination to improve yourself. Relaxation is also in this equation, as ESL is designed to allow you to study smoothly. Finally, it enables you to enjoy exploring your learning abilities, seeing your knowledge growing quickly day by day. The souvenirs you can take from such a vacation are simply priceless.

  • ESL program gives you a better perspective on culture

Learning a new language is almost always connected to learning about the culture relating to that language. Learning English in Vancouver among the locals can be very inspirational, as the environment is very friendly and enticing even for the shyest people to connect and speak out in the best English they can. Exploring the daily life of Vancouver, visiting its splendid museums, paying attention to its history, or even tasting its nightlife all counts as bonding with language and culture. This is a terrific addition to the core ELS course. 

  • Broaden your Perspective

Even though the program focuses on studying English, being in Vancouver means that you can explore a city influenced by cultures from all continents. Vancouver is sometimes called “the Canadian Hollywood,” and meeting celebrities would not be a surprise. Rich in mesmerizing architecture, this city is still famous for its parks and preserved nature. It is, in fact, one of the world’s cities with the cleanest environment. And, finally, it is a city of surprises, which you can easily find out while studying English right here. Perhaps it is time to make the big decision, pack your bags and join us! We promise you a quality interactive studying process wrapped in a unique vacationing experience. Boosting your resume and career, improving your knowledge of English or simply spending a meaningful vacation – it is all offered on our ELS menu. 

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