Discover CCC’s NEW ESL CLASS 2024: Elevating Excellence in English Language Schools in Vancouver


Discover CCC’s NEW ESL CLASS 2024: Elevating Excellence in English Language Schools in Vancouver

Master English with our new ESL course at Create Career College (CCC) in Vancouver!

For those seeking to learn English here in Vancouver, enrolling in one of the English Language Schools in Vancouver stands out as an excellent choice.

Within this piece, we’ve outlined various approaches for international students looking to attend an ESL course in Vancouver.

Furthermore, we’ll delve into the features of our newly offered ESL courses available at our college and elucidate how these programs can aid non-native English speakers in enhancing their language proficiency.

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ESL Vancouver Study Tour: The Outline of CCC’s ESL Course

Are you searching for English language schools in Vancouver?

Create Career College offers an engaging ESL course in Vancouver for those eager to learn English while exploring the vibrant spots of Vancouver!

Our newly introduced ESL class, named ESL Study Tour, provides options for morning or afternoon sessions.

Tailored for non-native English speakers, our English Study Tour focuses on developing essential speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills crucial for daily life in Canada.

The ESL Study Tour customizes the curriculum to match students’ English proficiency levels, ensuring each individual can achieve their maximum potential in English language proficiency.

Take our English online placement test now!

Upon successful completion of our English as a Second Language course, students will gain valuable presentation and communication skills. Whether you’re a recent high school graduate or a seasoned professional, we aim to equip you for success in your Canadian future.

ESL Study Tour Course Feature①: Explore Vancouver’s Attractive Spots with ESL Activities!

At CCC, we offer a variety of school activities to enhance your Canadian tourism and cultural experiences. Every week, we organize school activities within or after ESL courses.

These activities include field trips to tourist spots in and around Vancouver, pizza parties, movie nights, and shopping challenges to foster interaction among students and staff. Through these diverse activities, we aim to provide opportunities for international exchange, further improving your English skills and helping you make friends from around the world.


Transportation is seamless for ESL Vancouver students

Vancouver and its surrounding areas are teeming with tourist attractions!

Just a short drive or bus ride away, you can explore the natural beauty of Whistler or experience the cultural charm of Victoria by ferry. Additionally, within a 2-3 hour flight, you can witness the Northern Lights in Whitehorse or visit the West Coast cities of Los Angeles and San Francisco in neighboring USA.

While improving your English skills through language study in Vancouver, taking weekend trips to nearby tourist spots is highly recommended.

Top Tourist Destinations in Vancouver:

Vancouver Aquarium

Queen Elizabeth Park

Granville Island

ESL Study Tour Course Feature②: A comfortable campus in a convenient location

Located in a prime location, CCC is a leading private college situated in Burnaby, just adjacent to Vancouver, ideal for those seeking English language schools in Vancouver and ESL courses.

Our campus is conveniently located just a 7-minute walk from Metrotown Station on the SkyTrain’s Expo Line, nestled in a bustling neighborhood featuring expansive shopping malls, cinemas, trendy cafes, and restaurants.

With easy access to downtown Vancouver via the Expo Line, approximately a 30-minute journey away, transportation is seamless for ESL Vancouver students. Positioned on the 6th floor of a building, our campus offers a welcoming atmosphere where students can enjoy learning in the best environment while admiring the scenic views of Vancouver.

ESL Vancouver students

School activities within or after ESL courses

ESL Study Tour Course Feature③: You can learn native English from Canadian instructors every day

All ESL instructors at CCC are born and raised Canadians, offering students the opportunity to learn English directly from native speakers.

Canadian English, known for its clear pronunciation and minimal accent, offers an optimal environment for ESL Vancouver students. Canadian English to be highly comprehensible, facilitating a tangible sense of progress in English language skills.

Furthermore, our ESL instructors boast a wealth of experience in teaching English to learners and international students. This expertise ensures that students at our ESL course receive gentle and thorough guidance whenever they encounter difficulties.

ESL Study Tour Course Feature④: Providing a safe and secure homestay experience

We provide a safe and secure homestay experience.

At CCC, we have partnered with Vanmates, a local housing company, to ensure that our international students can enjoy a safe and comfortable study abroad experience.

Vanmates specializes in offering safe and comfortable homestays and shared housing options for international students, primarily in the Vancouver area. The host families referred by Vanmates undergo rigorous screening processes, minimizing the likelihood of any issues arising.

Before your arrival, we will inquire about your preferences for host family conditions such as location, family composition, and pet ownership. Vanmates will then strive to accommodate your preferences as much as possible.

Moreover, in the event of any issues or concerns, Vanmates provides comprehensive support, ensuring your peace of mind throughout your stay.

Great homestay experience with English language schools in Vancouver

Great homestay experience with English language schools in Vancouver

Learn English with CCC! : One of the best English Language Schools in Vancouver

We welcome students every month at CCC!

At CCC, we have frequent student intakes and established enrollment dates. For ESL Vancouver classes, enrollments start every Monday, and for Co-op programs, we offer monthly enrollment dates. This flexibility allows you to choose your preferred travel and class start dates for your ESL course.

Additionally, we regularly provide enticing promotions. Currently, we’re gearing up for promotional campaigns for studying in Canada in the summer of 2024, so stay tuned for exciting offers!

With Vancouver, Canada offering a plethora of attractions during the summer, why not consider studying abroad in Canada in 2024? Explore our ESL courses and embark on an unforgettable language-learning journey in Vancouver.