Create Career College COVID-19 Safety Plan

Create Career College has developed a COVID-19 Safety Plan, to help prepare all staff and students, to deal with the current COVID-19 situation.  The college has used the WorkSafeBC format as the main guide for creating the plan.


Step 1: Assessing the risks at the workplace

Create Career College understands the nature and risks associated with the virus.  The virus can be spread in various ways.  This can happen when a person coughs or sneezes, or by touching contaminated surfaces.  Person-to-person transmission can occur when more people come closer together, and when more time is spent with people.  Surface transmission can occur when many people touch the same surface, over a short period of time.

  • Various areas throughout the campus have been identified, where staff and students may gather.
  • Various tools and equipment have been identified, that staff or students may share.
  • Various surfaces or areas have been identified, that staff or students may touch.


Step 2: Implementing protocols to reduce risks


First level protection (elimination)

  • Staff will work from home where possible.
  • Instructors will be teaching online classes remotely from home.
  • Other staff will work from home whenever possible to minimize the amount of contact between people.
  • Occupancy in the college will be set at levels to ensure there is plenty of space between students and staff, if all have to be on campus.
  • Workspaces have been arranged so that all staff are working at least 2 metres apart, and will be given separate offices if available
  • For new students or customers coming to the campus, specific appointments will be made so to stagger the arrivals, in order to minimize the amount of contact.


Second level protection (engineering controls)

  • Where required, plexiglass will be installed if physical distancing between people cannot be maintained. Only area to make note of at the moment would be the front reception area.
  • Barriers will be cleaned regularly to maintain safe and sanitary conditions as much as possible.


Third level protection (administrative controls)

  • Staff and students have been instructed to maintain physical distance whenever in campus.
  • Staff and students are aware of wash stations in and around the campus.
  • Hand sanitizer has been placed throughout the campus to encourage as much cleanliness as possible.
  • Staff and students have been instructed to bring their own dishware/cutlery, or to use disposables as much as possible, and not to share.
  • The kitchen area will have very limited use to minimize the amount of contact areas, such as fridge and microwave use.


Fourth level protection (PPE)

  • All staff and students will be required to wear masks prior to entering the campus.
  • All visitors will be required to wear masks prior to entering the campus.
  • Extra masks will be available on site, if needed, for anyone who does not bring one with themselves.
  • All staff and students have been instructed to wear masks that fully cover the nose and mouth areas.


Cleaning and hygiene practices

  • Cleaning of the campus area is done regularly.
  • Staff will be responsible for cleaning their own workspaces, as an extra safety measure in addition to regular cleaning done by cleaning staff.
  • Unnecessary tools and equipment have been removed to simplify the cleaning process, such as coffee makers, shared utensils and dishware.
  • Posters have been displayed throughout the campus showing the correct procedure for handwashing, covering coughs and sneezes, and mask wearing.


Step 3: Develop policies

The college has put in place policies and measures to make sure anyone showing signs of COVID-19, is prohibited from entering the workplace.

  • All staff and students will be checked upon entry to the campus, with a temperature check.
  • Anyone who has had symptoms of COVID-19 in the last 10 days will not be permitted.
  • Anyone arriving from outside of Canada must self-isolate for 14 days, and monitor for symptoms as directed by the Canada government.
  • Staff will be instructed to work at home if showing any signs of the virus.
  • Visitors will be limited, and by appointment whenever possible.
  • Any staff member or student who is found to be ill on campus, will be asked to immediately leave the campus and go straight home to isolate.
  • Any areas that ill workers come into contact with, shall be cleaned immediately.


Step 4: Communication plans

  • All staff and students have been made aware of the new procedures put in place.
  • All necessary parties have been sent electronic files, outlining the various policies.
  • Signage and posters are clearly displayed on the premises to notify all staff, students, and visitors of the correct procedures.
  • Supervisors are aware of their responsibilities, in monitoring staff and students to ensure compliance.


Step 5: Monitoring the workplace and updating plans

  • All staff and students will work together to ensure correct procedures are followed.
  • Risk will be monitored on a daily basis to see if plan improvements need to be made.
  • All staff are made aware of places/people to contact if further clarification or information is needed.


Step 6: Resuming operations

  • The college never ceased operations since the start of the pandemic.
  • All classes and staff were immediately instructed to move to online classes.
  • All non academic staff were moved to remote working conditions.


International students arriving into Canada

The following protocols have been designed to allow for a safe entry into Canada, and travel to place of quarantine, for newly arriving international students.  Create Career College will work with the Canada government to welcome international students in a way that reduces transmission of COVID-19.

  • All students arriving into Canada must adhere to the quarantine requirements set forth by the Canada government.
  • Students must have a good understanding of the requirements of the Quarantine Act.  Please click here for further details on the Act itself.  
  • All students must use the ArriveCAN app to provide personal information.  The app will make it easier to provide your information to the Canada government, and will reduce wait times when you arrive at ports of entry.
  • Prior to arriving into Canada, all students must have a plan for quarantine, and this must be reviewed and accepted by the college in advance.  The information required includes the planned dates of arrival, quarantine location, and transportation methods.  If assistance is required in creating a quarantine plan, please contact the College Director, or Assistant Director, and we will be happy to help you.
  • Students must go straight to their quarantine place from airport.  A variety of transport options are available, however, going via taxi is best, so that public transit is avoided.  This will help to reduce the amount of contact with others.  If more information is needed regarding transportation options, please contact the college.
  • If a quarantine location has not been selected, the college will provide options for locations.  Possible locations include a number of hotels within the airport location itself, reducing the amount of travel needed upon arrival.  Many hotels are now providing extra services to accommodate government quarantine requirements, such as isolation, cleaning, and even grocery deliveries.  These hotels are also able to provide transportation from the airport.  Hotels realize the need for this and are ready to take in guests for quarantine purposes.  There are also 2 hotels within walking distance of the college in Burnaby, the Hilton and the Holiday Inn which are also convenient options.  For airport hotels and other locations, please contact the college for more information.
  • Students are advised to wear masks and avoid public transit, if possible, whenever travel is required, even post quarantine.  
  • Students must self-monitor for any symptoms throughout their quarantine period, and thereafter.  For specific guidelines regarding self-isolation, please see here .
  • Students must not be in contact with any vulnerable individuals, or be living in a group or communal setting.  This is applicable even when staying in a hotel, and especially if you are going to be in a homestay environment.  Post quarantine, you must still follow all government guidelines to minimize any potential contact, wherever possible.
  • Students will be communicated with and monitored on a daily basis during quarantine period.  The main point of communication will be the Director Sophie Miao, and then the Assistant Director Vinny Pannu, if needed.  The college management team will be in contact with the quarantine location, such as hotel managers, or homestay managers, to keep track of quarantine monitoring.  
  • Students will be given contact information, in case further information is required or needs to be given.  The college is always available via email and phone for any communication needs.  All necessary contact information for the staff and college is listed in the following section.
  • During the quarantine period, the college will provide online access to classes where possible to help with integration into the college.  Currently, online access can be gained via the Google Meet app.  Please contact the college if assistance is required with installation and operation of the app.
  • Students will receive the appropriate information regarding Covid-19, related stigma, and anti-racism support.  College staff will be available as well as online resources will be made available to all students.  Please see here for some valuable information from HealthLinkBC regarding stigma 
  • When the quarantine period has been completed, students can return to college following an initial meeting with the College Director and/or Assistant Director.  This will include an orientation into the college environment as well as a review of the quarantine period itself.  Any concerns that have not been addressed should be addressed prior to the start of classes on campus.  

For more information on self-isolation and the ArriveCan app, please see the following:

Self-Quarantine on Return to BC – Click here

Self-Isolation – Click here 

Do’s and Don’ts of Self-isolation – Click here


College Contact Information


Create Career College                                                                                        

Phone: 778-379-0909


Director & CEO: Sophie Miao 

Phone: 778-379-0909


Assistant Director: Vinny Pannu

Phone: 778-379-0909


Outbreak Response Management

In order to deal with any potential outbreak of the virus at the campus, the following protocols have been put in place.

  • The outbreak response manager for Create Career College is Sophie Miao, Director & CEO.
  • The outbreak response manager will address any outbreak event on campus.
  • The Public Health Authority will be informed immediately in the case of a symptomatic individual at the campus.
  • Affected individuals will be notified to take the necessary steps, including self-isolation procedures.
  • Health Canada’s guidelines are to be followed for isolation.
  • Individuals sent home or to quarantine facilities, will not be permitted back until officially cleared by local health authorities, with evidence provided by the individual.
  • All necessary contact information and records will be kept to support contact tracing.
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