Future Jobs in Business Administration

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Future Jobs in Business Administration


What is Business Administration?

In Create Career College, the Business Administration program includes courses in the fields of retail, finance, marketing, accounting, and more. Business Administration courses will help you prepare for various jobs and provide more job opportunities, and our lectures will offer students a solid foundation of business laws, basic human resources skills, and accounting knowledge. Our Business Administration programs also offer a 48-week paid Co-op work experience, in which students can practice what they learned in class and gain a higher employment chance in Canada. In this blog, we listed some general future jobs in Business Administration Program.

What can you do after Graduate?

You have a lot of choices! Basically, you can do anything in the Financial industry when you have managerial and accounting skills. Here are some general career options. And more about business jobs in Canada, Visit National Occupational Classification (NOC)

Retail Managers

A retail or wholesale manager is mainly in charge of directing and operating the store and managing staff. The retail manager position requires excellent communication and managerial skills. Also, you can start your own business with the managerial skills you learned in classes.  

Financial and Investment Analysts

Financial and Investment Analysts handle corporate trade, economic forecasts, stock forecasts, and more. Such a high pay job requires skills in corporate finance, investment, and stock management, which our courses are oriented.

Marketing and Advertising Consultant

Consulting firms, advertising agencies, and public relations agencies are in need of marketing and advertising consultant. The main duties of a marketing and advertising consultant are researching and planning strategies for clients, develop advertising campaigns and coordinate public events or you could start your own agency!

Sales Managers and Coordinators

In this section, most retail and wholesale representatives are employed in any industry that produces goods or provides services. The main job duties are promoting products or services, communicating with clients, market research, supervise sales activities, and more. And usually, sales representatives and managers require experience in the sales and marketing industries.

Accountants or Bookkeeper

A bookkeeper or accountant mainly handles a firm’s financial daily transactions, staff’s salaries, and sometimes tax returns. The difference between a bookkeeper and an accountant is usually accountants are more qualified and CPA or CFA tests may be required. However, bookkeeping is much easier and earns a little less than certified accountants. We also offer Accounting programs that help you prepare for CPA and CFA tests and become a qualified accountant!

Human Resources Professionals

Our human resources management courses give students an opportunity to be employed as business agents, human resources agents, labor relations professionals. The main duty working in human resources management is to develop human resources and labor relations strategies, mediate workplace conflict, recruit staff, and training of staff. The required skills of these positions are usually labor law and communication skills.


Tips on how to find a job in BA?

  1. Our Co-op program guarantees students’ employment during our program and a high return rate, make sure you work hard on your co-op jobs!
  2. Local career websites like Indeed provide lots of recruiting information from various companies, make sure you search for the right position!
  3. Official Website of your dream companies, most big firms post their recruiting details on their websites. Make sure you have a good resume and CV letters! More resources on Resume and CV letter.
  4. Discover Hidden Job Market!