May 2024 Updates on Canada Hong Kong Pathway: Special Open Work Permit Policy to Extend Stay | Secure Jobs While Waiting for Your PR

On May 7th, Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) announced significant updates to the Hong Kong Permanent Residence Pathway. Under this new policy, Hong Kong residents in Canada who are awaiting permanent residency (PR) under the Hong Kong Stream A or Stream B pathway can apply for an Open Work Permit (OWP). This policy allows eligible HK applicants to extend their stay, legally reside and work in Canada while waiting for IRCC’s decision on their Canadian permanent residency application. This help easing concerns for graduates from Create Career College. This is also a significant development that highlights the importance of the HK PR Pathway in Canada.

In this article, CCC will delve into the details (including requirements) of the new temporary public Open Work Permit (OWP) policy designed for Hong Kong nationals. We will explain how CCC’s Admission Department and our 2-year diploma programs can help students navigate through the Canada Stream A HK Pathway.


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The delayed and long processing time for PR applications regarding the HK PR pathway has raised concerns among Hong Kong applicants. Today, IRCC announced that starting 27 May, all applicants under the Hong Kong Pathway – Stream A and Stream B can apply for an open work permit (HKOWP) via the latest temporary public policy. This allows them to legally reside and work in Canada while awaiting IRCC’s decision on their PR application. This new measure will remain effective for five years.

Am I eligible to apply for the new HK OWP?

Starting 27th May 2024, Hong Kongers who have applied for PR via Canada’s Stream A and Stream B scheme can immediately apply for the new special OWP if they meet the following 3 conditions. About to become a CCC student? It’s time to figure out if you can tick all the boxes for the new HK OWP!

Requirement 1: Has already applied for permanent residence via Stream A / Stream B

According to IRCC’s official webpage, HKOWP applicants under the new temporary public policy, must:

Applied for permanent residence under Stream A (in-Canada graduates) or Stream B (Canadian work experience) of the temporary public policy for Hong Kong residents in Canada”

As such, to be eligible for the new HKOWP, CCC’s students must have already filed their Stream A PR application beforehand. All six of CCC’s Stream A 2-year diploma programs meet the application requirements for the HK Pathway Stream A. In other words, upon graduation from Create Career College, our students are eligible to apply for both Canadian PR via Stream A and the new HK OWP.

Requirement 2: Hold a study permit /work permit within 3 years before submitting the PR application

Generally speaking, CCC’s students should obtain or have been approved for a study permit before or during their 2-year diploma program. This ensures that they are legally studying in Canada as international students, which is also a fundamental requirement for applying under Stream A.


Requirement 3: Applicant’s temporary status expired within 90 days of the new OWP application

CCC students’ study permits typically expire upon completion of their courses. For example, if school starts on July 15, 2024, the study permit will usually expire on June 30th or July 1st, 2026. 

According to IRCC’s official page for the Hong Kong OWP:

“If an applicant’s temporary status expired in the 90 days before applying for a new open work permit, they can apply under this public policy and restore their status at the same time”

Here, the term “temporary status” refers to a study permit or work permit. This means that Hong Kong nationals must wait until their study permits are going to expire within 90 days, to apply for HKOWP under this new temporary policy.

Therefore, once CCC’s graduates complete their studies and submit their PR application, they will immediately meet the requirements for the new special Canada HK OWP. They can then work full-time while waiting for PR approval.

Please note that the purpose of this new policy is to extend the legal residency status of Hong Kong applicants in Canada. If your study permit or work permit has more than 90 days of validity remaining, your HKOWP application under the new temporary policy will be rejected. 

Seamless Transition from a CCC Student to Full-Time Work Status 

Immigrate to Canada as a student

CCC remains dedicated to assisting Hong Kongers through the HK Stream A application process. As one of the most renowned Canadian Designated Learning Institutions (DLI) among Hong Kong people, CCC’s six 2-year diploma programs have assisted over 350 individuals from Hong Kong in completing the Stream A application process.

Recognizing the significance of immigration decisions, CCC’s Admission Department offers continuous assistance in various areas, including settlement, academic guidance, and employment support. From pre-enrollment to graduation, we provide comprehensive support to our students. With support from our Immigration Consultant Partner, CCC’s students have effectively resolved challenges related to study permits or other visa types.

In 2024, CCC students once again received recognition from the IRCC, with study permits issued in as little as 7 days, breaking the college’s previous three-year record. With limited spots remaining for this year’s CCC enrollment, if you are interested in joining the CCC community and embarking on your Canada Stream A journey, reach out to CCC’s Admission Department now!