How to get your BC Vaccine Card?

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How to get your BC Vaccine Card?


The government of BC announced that from September 13, 2021, all individuals who attend public activities require a  BC Vaccine card (Vaccine Passport). There are two versions of vaccine cards are available: 1. Physical BC Vaccine Card you received when you got vaccinated, 2. Proof of vaccination record on your BC services card app or a code you acquired on the health gateway website. This article will help you get your vaccine card!

Digital BC Vaccine Card

BC Services Card App

Step one: Download BC services Card App

Login to your BC services card app, you need your PHN (Personal Health Number) and your BC services card Code on the back. If you need to update or get a new BC services card, you have to walk in or make an appointment with ICBC and apply for a new physical services card.


Step two: Connect the app to Health Gateway

Connect your app to Health Gateway. Access Health Gateway to connect your BC services card app, and you will get a code which is your digital vaccine card.

Step three: Show your code

Now you can access public activities like gyms, theatres, schools, restaurants, and more with just an app on your phone!


Health Gateway Website

If you don’t have a BC services Card or care card to access the app, don’t worry! You can still get your Vaccine card online.

Pfizer, Moderna, AZ, Johnson&Johnson

You can get your vaccine card directly from Health Gateway if you are vaccinated with the listed vaccines. Have your Name, Date of Birth, PHN, and date of vaccination(1st or 2nd ) ready and fill in the forms and you get your Vaccine card! Don’t forget to screenshot or print!


Other Vaccines or outside of BC

The process of vaccine records is a bit complicated if you got vaccinated in another country or province. But don’t worry! First, you need to upload your vaccine record on the gov website: Immunization Record. When your record is updated, you can access the health gateway website to get your vaccine card.

If you don’t know your PHN, call: 1-833-838-2323

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