Social Insurance Number Canada: How To Get SIN Number?


Social Insurance Number Canada: How To Get SIN Number?

Social Insurance Number Canada is the first personal document to be applied for after landing in Canada. This article will introduce how to get a SIN number, who is eligible to apply, the required documents, and other related information to help newcomers get a SIN Number faster.

To immigrate to Canada, you will need to apply for different documents as soon as you land, including the Canada SIN card, bank account, MSP (in BC province), driver’s license, mobile phone data plan, and other essential information. 

You may wonder what is Social Insurance Number Canada, how to get a SIN number in Canada, and what are the required documents when applying for Social Insurance Number Canada. Let’s continue reading.

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What is Canada SIN (Social Insurance Number)?

Social Insurance Number (SIN),  is also called “SIN Number” or “SIN Card”. The Social Insurance Number Canada is an official system used by the Canadian government to record taxation, income, subsidies, and other social benefits of residents. It is your certified and legal document for work in Canada.

Confidential SIN Information

Why do you need to protect your Social Insurance Number Canada information? The Canada SIN card is a set of social insurance numbers consisting of nine digits. Since the SIN Number contains your personal privacy, any information about the SIN must not be disclosed to others. Some exceptions are the following:

  • When government organizations request
  • When the employer asks for your SIN information
  • When opening an account at a bank or a credit union

Apart from the above situations, you should not share your SIN information with others. Newcomers who just arrived in Canada need to be clearer about the common practice here, especially be careful of false job advertisements. For example, you have asked for SIN Number information without an offer letter, or even it is a shell corporation to obtain the SIN information of job seekers.

Who Can Apply For A SIN?

In order to work legally in Canada and enjoy government benefits, you must hold the Social Insurance Number Canada. Canadian citizens, Canadian permanent residents, and temporary residents can apply for a SIN. Temporary residents here include the Work Permit, the International Experience Canada IEC (Working Holiday Visa), and Study Permit holders.

If you stay in Canada through a Study Permit, you are allowed to work 20 hours a week, so study permit holders can also apply for a SIN card. The 2-year diploma programs offered by the Create Career College provide students with co-op opportunities. Students need to complete the specified number of internship hours according to the requirements of different courses, that is about 960 – 1,000 hours. 

Our 2-year diploma program covers popular subjects: Business Administration, Marketing, Hospitality Management, Accounting, Web Design, etc. In addition to learning theoretical knowledge, students can also apply what they have learned through the co-op. Students can adapt to the Canadian workplace faster and find an ideal full-time job easier.

Required Documents For SIN Application

When applying for a Social Insurance Number Canada, be sure to prepare the following documents before deciding how to submit your application.

  • Passport
  • The permit received upon arrival, e.g. Work Permit, Study Permit
  • Canada address
  • Canada phone number
  • Parents’ English names and birthdays

How To Apply For A SIN?

Although we call SIN a SIN card, you will actually receive a letter with your SIN Number written on it. Applying for a SIN in Canada is free, and you can apply through the following methods:

Apply In Person

The easiest way to apply for a SIN is to go directly to the Services Canada Centres in each city. As long as you prepare the above documents and pass the document check, you can get the SIN Number immediately.

Apply Online

It is also easy to submit an application online. You just need to enter the SIN application website, follow the instructions to fill in the information, and submit the documents. Because the application is submitted online, it is necessary to prepare scanned copies of all the documents beforehand, so that you can upload them quickly during the application. After completing the application, the applicant will receive a confirmation letter, containing your SIN Number, from the government about 20 working days later. Do remember to keep it carefully.

Apply By Mail

Applying by mail is the least preferred method to apply for SIN. Applicants need to send all the original documents, together with the SIN application form, by mail (or by registered mail) to the following address:

Service Canada

Social Insurance Registration Office

PO Box 7000

Bathurst NB E2A 4T1


When the government completes the document review, about 25 working days later, the original documents will be sent back by registered mail. Remember to check if any documents are missing. Since this application method needs to mail the original copies of the personal documents to Service Canada, the loss or damage during the delivery will be borne yourself, so it is not a recommended method.

Canada SIN Card: Summary

Social Insurance Number is a document that must be applied for when living in Canada, so as soon as newcomers land, they should apply for a SIN Number.

The above Canada SIN application tutorial has summarized all the information related to SIN. Whether you are holding a Study Permit or a Work Permit, the application methods are the same. The most important thing is to protect the SIN information and not to share the Canada SIN Number with others easily.