Stream A Immigration: Requirements and Documents Preparation

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Stream A Immigration: Requirements and Documents Preparation

Introduction of Stream A

In response to the changes in the current situation in Hong Kong, the Government of Canada has put in place a number of facilitative measures to help Hong Kong residents come to Canada. By providing new pathways to permanent residence, the Government of Canada aims to encourage recent Hong Kong graduates and those with essential work experience to choose Canada as a place to study, work and settle.

This public policy will facilitate granting permanent residence to eligible Hong Kong residents who are currently residing in Canada, along with their family members.

This article will introduce the application requirements of Stream A point by point, and guide you to successfully apply it step by step from scratch. At the same time, relevant programs that are most suitable for Hong Kong people will also be introduced.

Stream A Application Requirements

What everyone is most concerned about is how to meet the requirements of Stream A application. Through the massive amount of information on the internet, everyone may confuse the requirements of Stream A and Stream B. This article will introduce the application conditions (eligibility requirements) one by one, and attach detailed information on the official website.

based on the public policy considerations, delegated officers may grant permanent resident status to Hong Kong nationals who meet the basic conditions:

  1. holds a Hong Kong SAR passport issued by the local authority, or the United Kingdom to a British National (Overseas), as a person born, naturalized or registered in Hong Kong;
  2. is physically present in Canada at the time when an application for permanent residence under this public policy is made, and at the time of granting of permanent residence;
  3. has a valid temporary resident status in Canada;
  4. intends to reside in a province or territory other than the province of Quebec;
  5. acquires a post-secondary credential from a Designated Learning Institution (DLI) in Canada.

Eligible Education Credentials for Stream A Application

Graduated from a post-secondary DLI in Canada in the immediate 3 years preceding the date when the application is received wither of the following:

  • a degree;
  • a diploma for completion of a program that is deemed as a 2-year program (not necessarily need 2 years to complete);
  • a graduate or post-graduate diploma, certificate or credential (additional requirements apply).

In addition to the above requirements, at least 50% of the study have to be conducted in Canada (either in person or online). Therefore, not all institutions and programs meet the criteria of the Stream A Pathway.

Create Career College, located in Burnaby, offers 5 two-year post-secondary diploma programs that qualify for the Stream A pathway. The current Stream-A-eligible programs are:

Language Test

Stream A applicants must provide a copy of language test results that shows a level 5 score in all 4 skills (reading, writing, listening and speaking), in Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB), for instance.

Other Requirements

Intend to live in a province or territory other than Quebec

    • If you currently live in Quebec, you must prove that you intend to live in a province or territory other than Quebec


This article briefly lists all the preparation items, hoping to bring convenience and encouragement to students who are considering applying for Stream A. Meeting the Stream A application requirements is actually simpler than you might think.

Canadian institutions such as Create Career College offer a two-year diploma program, allowing Hong Kong nationals to seamlessly transition to their new careers in Canada.