Why Choose to Study in Burnaby?


Why Choose to Study in Burnaby?

Meet Burnaby, a Growing City in Metro Vancouver

Located right besides Vancouver (a 20 minutes ride by SkyTrain), in the year 1992 the status of “city” was granted to Burnaby. The growth of the city was seen after thirty to forty years of its incorporation. One of the significant factors of its growth was its prime location. The city is located between the developing and urban parts of New Westminster and Vancouver. During the initial years of its settlement, this suburb was a major rural area that was supplying agricultural products to its nearby valleys and markets. But with its constant growth and development, Burnaby turned out to be an essential transit corridor. The city serves as an important trade route between the Fraser Valley, Vancouver, and the other parts of the province. People who want to lead a good life, working and slow living, will find significant opportunities in Metro Vancouver. In order to grow a healthy economy, the city is committed towards sustainability, vibrancy, and shows concern for its natural environment. This means you can enjoy a peaceful neighborhood while still being a part of Vancouver’s vibrant cultural scene. 

Why study or live in Burnaby?

Well, if you are planning to move or visit Burnaby, then you can trust your instincts as this city is full of opportunities, activities, and amenitiesAlong with this, the oceans, mountains, markets, cultural life, and the education sector of the city makes it one of the attractive and remarkable places to live. When it comes to the weather, this suburb has a dry and warm summer climate. The city receives little snowfall as compared to the other parts of Vancouver. There are many features of Burnaby which makes it perfect for living. If you wish to chase your career here, then you have easy access to the markets of Vancouver. The following listed below are some of the key highlights of the city. So, let us explore them together:

  • Green Peace: Over twenty-five percent of the city’s land is covered with green parks and open space
  • Community Affairs: There are many recreational activities organized by the City of Burnaby every year for the residents of the city
  • Live and Study: There are numerous educational institutions where you can pursue higher education
  • SkyTrain Yourself: One of the fastest and newest transportations in North America which makes it convenient to travel in and across the city
  • Culture is Essential: Burnaby city is rich in heritage, art, and cultural facilities
  • Career Goals: For entrepreneurs and technology oriented persons, there are different business opportunities. 

Pursuing education in Burnaby is a smart choice

Burnaby is one of the finest places to explore a wide range of arts and cultures. Live performances, international and local exhibitions, historical sites, museums, and cultural centers that reflect the stories of cultural life in Burnaby. There is no doubt that students from all across the world choose Burnaby in order to continue their studies. Unquestionably, there are many colleges, universities and district programs available here. It is clear that if you plan to study in Burnaby, you will have vast opportunities for your career pathway. Here, you can extend your boundaries through learning things with a unique and different perspective. 

Create Career College (CCC) is also located in the heart of the City of Burnaby. Our campus is surrounded by parks and different residential and commercial buildings. Our campus’ location is easily accessed; students can travel by SkyTrain and Bus.