Why Should You Choose Create Career College?

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Here at Create Career College, we welcome students from different cultural backgrounds and help them create a successful career in Canada. According to the Canadian Bureau for International Education, more than 570,000 international students study in Canada. It has become one of the top studying destinations across North America. How is Create Career College different? Create Career College (CCC) is a Designated Learning Institution accredited by the Private Training Institutions Branch (PTIB). In fact, we offer students opportunities to acquire, develop and practice workplace skills that are in high demand. CCC uses a 100% Practical Placement approach, meaning that every student will have an opportunity to practice what they learned in the classroom in the field. At CCC, we understand the challenges associated with moving to a new city or a country. Therefore, our staff goes beyond academic advising. We also tend to your accommodation needs through our Home away from Home recommendations in Vancouver. Students who graduate from CCC college can receive a post secondary diploma and certificate graduation. International students who complete a CCC pathway program in cooperation with a public university can receive a diploma from the public university and apply for the PGWP, Post-Graduation Work Permit. Are you ready to CREATE new stories? At CCC, we offer guaranteed Co-op Program job support for students in Canada, in-person small size classes and online college courses. We have a low student-to-teacher ratio; using smaller class sizes ensures that students receive maximum attention and feedback from their teachers. With the full support of our teachers, students are able to maximize their potential at CCC. Moreover, CCC staff members are dedicated to provide students with extra support on your academic journey. We are pleased to become a part of your learning experience in Canada   Programs at Create Career College (CCC) English (ESL/EAP) We will help […]
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Why Study ESL, English as a Second Language?

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It is recommended that newcomers study ESL (English as a Second Language) when they arrive in Canada. It is a known fact: Canada has not one, but two official languages – French and English. However, the reason why French would not usually come to mind is that French speakers usually live in the Quebec/Ottawa regions while English-speakers are everywhere else. This is one of the reasons why we advise you to take ESL courses in areas like Vancouver where English is the order of the day. That is not the only one though. In this article, we explore more on why British Columbia is the best bet for your international plan. Immersion: Experience Language in Action Perhaps the best reason why you would enjoy studying an ESL course in Vancouver is the fact that you are among other English speakers. This means you can have an accelerated growth and learning curve if you were somewhere else that did not have the English language to be the main tongue. After studying the basics in class, you get to go out there and experience the language in action. This makes it easy for you to understand the contexts, nuances, slangs and other parts of the language that you might not have grasped in another ESL community. Career Boost: Have an international resume to go beyond Believe it or not, the workplace of today is looking past just the qualifications on your CV. The kind of extra skills you have – of which language is a serious one – also determines your importance to the company. Speaking fluent English means that you can be trusted to understand and relate to the customers/ clients without trouble. On the other hand, it also means that the company can depend on you for overseas trips to other […]
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Why Choose to Study in Burnaby?

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Meet Burnaby, a Growing City in Metro Vancouver Located right besides Vancouver (a 20 minutes ride by SkyTrain), in the year 1992 the status of “city” was granted to Burnaby. The growth of the city was seen after thirty to forty years of its incorporation. One of the significant factors of its growth was its prime location. The city is located between the developing and urban parts of New Westminster and Vancouver. During the initial years of its settlement, this suburb was a major rural area that was supplying agricultural products to its nearby valleys and markets. But with its constant growth and development, Burnaby turned out to be an essential transit corridor. The city serves as an important trade route between the Fraser Valley, Vancouver, and the other parts of the province. People who want to lead a good life, working and slow living, will find significant opportunities in Metro Vancouver. In order to grow a healthy economy, the city is committed towards sustainability, vibrancy, and shows concern for its natural environment. This means you can enjoy a peaceful neighborhood while still being a part of Vancouver’s vibrant cultural scene.  Why study or live in Burnaby? Well, if you are planning to move or visit Burnaby, then you can trust your instincts as this city is full of opportunities, activities, and amenities.  Along with this, the oceans, mountains, markets, cultural life, and the education sector of the city makes it one of the attractive and remarkable places to live. When it comes to the weather, this suburb has a dry and warm summer climate. The city receives little snowfall as compared to the other parts of Vancouver. There are many features of Burnaby which makes it perfect for living. If you wish to chase your career here, then you have easy […]
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