Reasons to choose Create Career College

Here at Create Career College, we welcome students from various nationalities across the globe and commit to their future and career successes in Canada.

According to the Canadian Bureau for International Education, more than 570,000 international students study in Canada. It has become one of the most recommended study destinations to gain a cross-cultural experience and develop language skills to enforce in their work life.

  • So how is Create Career College different?

Being a Designated Learning Institution (DLI) accredited by PTIB (Private Training Institutions Branch), we offer students the opportunity to acquire, develop and practice workplace skills that are in high demand. We ensure that each student can apply their academic training in a real-world scenario.  We use a 100% Practical Placement approach which means we help every student find an employer that can offer them the opportunity to practice what they learned and solidify their career paths.

We understand what it means to live in a new city or a country and each student has a unique experience. Our international learning environment that also allows students to spend time with students from different cultural backgrounds and learn from one another. If you are new to the city, we also tend to your accommodation needs through our Home away from Home recommendations in Vancouver.

  • Are you ready to CREATE new stories?

At Create Career College, we preach a small group teaching style which ensures that our students get full attention and learn from industry expert faculty. We are dedicated in providing specialized career deliverance to help students reach their maximum potential. We offer than just an education and prepare you for a career of your choosing and get a chance to develop hands-on experience to acquire workplace skills in major industries.

  • Our Programs

English – One of our most popular programs is our English as a Second Language (ESL) Program. If English has not been your first language, then Create Career College is the place to master it. We help you improve their communication skills through a broad range of relevant topics. One of the most unique thing about this program is that we tailor it according to your specific needs according to your current level of English proficiency. Apart from ESL program, we also offer English Academic Course Purposes Program to develops core English Language skills, for those who wish to pursue higher education or undergraduate studies.

Accounting – In this specialized program, our experienced supervisors for you to excel in the field of accounting, financial management and taxation. For students to wish to Charted Professional Accountant’s (CPA) Advanced Certificate in Accounting and Finance (ACAF) program of studies or complete an introductory course in Accounting, we offer both.

Hospitality Management – To get a foot in the management industry, it is important to learn the basics. You will be introduced to business metrics and learn communication skills required in hospitality sector.

Business Administration – This program will help you to understand different functionalities of a business such as marketing, communication, organizational behavior, strategic management, etc. All these courses help in creating a solid foundation of any organisation.

Flight Attendant Preparation – Always wanted to the ins and outs of an airline industry? We offer you the chance to learn technical skills to help you understand the nitty gritty details of being a flight attendant and compete in one of the primary markets in Canada,

Health Care Assistant – Healthcare providers are the backbone of any medical institution. If you want to become a registered Health Care Assistants (HCA), learn how to aid for patients in a challenging environment through this practical training program.

To know more about scholarship opportunities and Diplomas and other Certification,  please get in touch with us.

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