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Create Career College (CCC) offers students the opportunity to acquire, develop and practise workplace skills that are high in demand. Some programs have a practicum/co-op component, which ensures that students can apply their academic training in real-world situations before graduation. Moreover, because the school attracts students from many countries, it has an international learning environment that allows students to learn from each other. Create Career College’s low student-to-teacher ratio ensures that students receive maximum attention and feedback from the instructor, enabling students to maximize their potential.

Our Programs

Student Life

Make Friends

Socializing with others at Create Career College (CCC), will help you to improve your English and make new friends.

Student Events

Students have the chance to participate in events, such as Hallowe’en, Christmas and cultural festivals.


Conveniently located right across from Metrotown, students have access to public transportation, making it convenient to get to and from the campus.


We provide assistance to help students find Homestay services and apartment rentals.

Food and Beverage

Located in a multicultural paradise, Vancouver offers students an exciting array of options, to satisfy your palate!

Career and Employment Services

Our dedicated staff are always here to help you plan and prepare for your future options.


What Students Say

I studied in CCC school for several months and I think the ESL course here has helped me a lot. Our teacher is a really responsible person, and I learned a lot from him. I also passed the IELTS test and improved my score after studying this course. I am grateful to CCC and my teacher.

Li YuanStudent


CCC is one of the most successful colleges in Burnaby, even in Vancouver. The educational resources and learning environment are excellent. This college truly helped me to create opportunities and careers.[/ porto_testimonial]

我在CCC学校学习,几个月了,我认为这里的ESL课程对我有很大的帮助比利先生努力工作,认真对待每个学生。对于语言能力较弱的学生,他经常画画或使用肢体语言来描述。他还让我们看电影和听广播来帮助我们学习。我们非常喜欢他。[/ porto_testimonial] [/ porto_carousel] [/ vc_column] [/ vc_row]
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