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Our mission is to provide intensive accredited vocational career training to everyone regardless of their age and background, allowing them to excel in today’s business world.

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Create Career College, we offer comprehensive college programs tailored to meet industry demands, ensuring you’re prepared for success in today’s competitive job market. Browse our career programs in Vancouver and online to start your journey today!

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Take Your Career to the Next Level in Vancouver, Canada

100% Practicum Placement

As a premier Vancouver college, we take pride in our commitment to student success beyond the classroom. Upon course completion, our experienced student advisors play a crucial role in bridging the gap between educational and professional practice. They provide invaluable assistance in connecting graduates with leading companies and securing suitable practicum placements within the local area. This ensures that our students are able to apply their skills in real-world business settings, a hallmark of the practical, career-oriented approach championed by top career colleges in Vancouver.


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Why Choose Create Career College?

Career College in Vancouver

Theory-Practice Combination

Create Career College (CCC) forged long-term collaborations with several local enterprises in different industries. Students at CCC College can acquire Co-op experience with workplace requirements.

Career Path Assistance

Create Career College (CCC) has dedicated advisors who offer career assistance to students. Students from CCC College are able to maximize their potential and greatly improve their competitiveness in the job market today.

Small Class Sizes

Create Career College’s (CCC) low student-to-teacher ratio ensures everyone can receive immediate feedback and maximum attention from our professional instructors in class.

Monthly Course Enrolment

Create Career College (CCC) enhances student accessibility with monthly enrolment options, catering to diverse schedules for optimal convenience and educational attainment

Online Diploma Course

Create Career College (CCC) is offering convenient online and in-person diploma, which are ideal for full-time or part-time working students seeking for advanced achievement on their career path.

DLI Approved College

Create Career College (CCC), a career-oriented Vancouver college, is a DLI and PTIB-certified courses offering practical, industry-aligned education for career-focused success.

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