Course Description



Flight Attendant Preparation Program in Create Career College prepares student with a wide range of knowledge about the global airline industry primarily focusing on the Canadian airline industry. More specifically the program identifies the role and responsibilities of a flight attendant. This program demonstrates and teaches the required technical skills and knowledge needed by the student to qualify and have a competitive edge for a wide range of entry-level positions within the airline industries. The program includes destination geography; procedures of aviation, key terms and industry vocabulary, emergency drills, first aid introduction, types of aircraft and cabin crew duties for in-flight passenger services. Also the program covers interviewing techniques, industry knowledge, and tips for success in this industry.

Upon successful completion of the program in Create Career College, students will be able to identify the rules and regulations in the airline industry pertaining to the job as a flight attendant. It will give students an extensive review of the job, the lifestyle and the pros and cons of being a flight attendant.

_Program Duration

Total Program Length = 13 Weeks

_Create Career Opportunities

  • Flight Attendant
  • Purser
  • Flight Attendant Recruiter/Instructor
  • Airline Customer Service
  • Airline Representative
  • Ground Service

_Potential Earning

_English Admission Requirement

Completion of approved English test or pass Create Career College’s English assessment
  • TOEFL PBT score 500, or CBT score 173, or IBT score 61
  • IELTS score 4.5 Band
  • Successful completion of Grade 12 from a Canadian High School or equivalent
  • Successful completion of the Create Career College English Placement Test by 60% marks

_Academic Admission Requirement


_Start Dates


June 22, September 21

_Class Schedule

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
CLASS 1:30PM to 5:30PM 1:30PM to 5:30PM 1:30PM to 5:30PM 1:30PM to 5:30PM 1:30PM to 5:30PM
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