English skills and a career in Canada

Canada has been listed as one of the best countries in the world to study and work in. Whether you are a Manager at a big corporation or a receptionist at a hotel, it is imperative to have command over the English language.

Create Career College – a school located in Greater Vancouver – has different interchange programs such as English as a Second Language (ESL) Program to enhance and boost your professional career.

Study Programs that fit your Schedule and Budget

Thinking about the opportunity to get perfect your communication skills and still getting certified by a Canadian Designated Learning Institution (DLI), Create Career College has promotional Short-term Packages for professionals across all nationalities tailored according to your schedule.

Study Programs – How to Proceed?

Have you ever heard of ESL (English as a Second Language)? Take courses designated to teach English for people native in other languages. With the purpose of improving language abilities and proficiency of non-native speakers, ESL courses provide a complete immersion in areas like conversation, grammar, reading, oral comprehension and vocabulary.

Here at Create Career College, we offer classes from Basic to Academic Advanced levels. Below are a few options for people with one month or less on their professional schedule to enjoy our career-lifting courses:

  • English Express (01 week / Basic to Advanced levels) = In this course, students experience 5 days of classes intended to improve grammar and vocabulary, practicing pronunciation and conversation with classmates from all over the world; 
  • ESL Experience (02 weeks / Basic to Advanced levels) = Here, students live two weeks of linguistic challenges, enhancing reading, writing, listening and speaking abilities.

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When Can I Start? 

You need to think your setups: how many days versus how much money versus how many experiences. There is no need to be overwhelmed – here we can help you with a quick to-do-list for your next career-changing getaway.

  • Plan your Schedule: First, you need to know in advance for how many days you can commit out of your regular life and start. One week? Two? A whole month? Knowing your schedule makes planning easier – and your options more precise;
  • Define your Goals: Think about your current resume and what you would really like to add to it. A quick improvement in grammar and vocabulary? A linguistic boost to your reading, writing, listening and speaking abilities? Deciding your study goals makes your entire study experience worth every second;
  • Choose your Program: Now that you have planned your schedule and defined your study goals, choose a program that fits your budget. One week, two weeks, one month – they will all give you a resume boost. Don’t be shy, sometimes a week of true transformation is better than a month of nothingness. Believe in yourself and do it for the benefit of your future;
  • Apply and Get Accepted:  Found the perfect ESL course?  Great! Now it’s time to apply for your program and get your acceptance letter;

 Studying in Canada has never been more easy!

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