How to find a Hospitality Management job in Vancouver, Canada

According to Tourism Vancouver, the Greater Vancouver area has over 10,000 hotel rooms and about 23,000 hotel beds (n.a). Tourism has also brought in $ 4.5 billion in annual income and more than 70,000 full-time work opportunities. Therefore, if you are a newcomer in Vancouver who wants to look for a job, you should consider working in the hospitality industry.

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In this blog post, we will talk about the three ways for job seekers to land a job in the hospitality industry.

1. Get a Diploma in the Hospitality Management

The Diploma in Hospitality Management program offered at Create Career College contains a 12 month Co-op experience. Co-op is a work program for Canadian students (open to study permit holders) to work in an industry related to their field and get paid. Additionally, since the Canadian employer prefers to hire back their qualified interns as a full-time worker, it is fair to say that by attending the  Hospitality Management Co-op program, you will have a higher chance to find a job in Vancouver.

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2. Explore broadly, be flexible

Working for the hospitality industry is not just being a front-desk assistant or a bartender, job opportunities can be found throughout the hotel ecosystem.

For example, within a hotel, there are the entertainment department (casino, theatre), transportation department (shuttle bus to the transportation hub), catering department (food and beverage), event department (wedding and conferences), sales department (front-desk) and operation department (room attendant). 

There are many opportunities for internal transfers and promotions, so explore broadly and be flexible in choosing a job. 

Although your first several jobs in Canada might just be at the entry-level positions, as long as you are showing the hard-working attitude and willingness to learn, you will be promoted and have a bright future.

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3. Attend Job Fair, connect with the employer, resource

If you have a dream hotel to work for, please make sure to fully explore their media (no matter through job boards, company websites or social media accounts) to not miss any single job opportunities. 

Do you know that 80% of the jobs are actually not publicly advertised online, so it is recommended to attend the employer’s info session, build connections with the recruiters and ask if there are any openings for now and the future? 

Remember, the point is to maintain the long-term relationship with the recruiter, so don’t forget to interact with the recruiter in a professional manner. 

In Vancouver, Canada, the popular job-seeking websites are Indeed, Linkedin and WorkBC.

The picture is cited from the internet.
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